Push-Pin Bulletin Board

Here’s another cool do-it-yourself project. We created a bulletin board (for push pins) large enough to cover a wall in a studio. We used 4x8 rolls of cork, fabric and luan board for extra support. Here’s how we did it:

(1) Order the cork. We used Manton Cork and are very pleased with their product;

(2) Purchase the luan material which you can get at larger hardware stores;

(3) Select a fabric to cover the cork, we orderer fabric from Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores;

(4) Glue the cork to the luan; we provided extra support for the flimsy luan with 1x4s;

(5) Wrap the cork with the fabric, stapling the fabric to the 1x4s;

(6) Hang on the wall.

You can customize your size and even glue the cork directly to the wall. We opted to use luan to prevent damage to the wall if the cork is ever removed.