DIY Outdoor Benches

Here’s another simple DIY project for a simple outdoor bench.  We used 4” x 8” cedar beams that were remaining from a raised garden bed project.  Here are the instructions: 

Material needed:  cedar beams, 1/2” lag screws @ 2” long (you’ll need 16 per bench) and 3” x  6.6” x 1/4" corner braces

1.  We decided to make our benches 42” long and 16” high.  Accordingly, we cut one piece of cedar @ 42” (for the seat) and two pieces of cedar @12” (for the legs).


2.  Inset the legs 4” from the outside of the beam.  Mark it with a pencil and set the legs upright on the seat.

3.  Place the brace on the cedar beam and mark your pilot holes for the lag screws.

4.  Drill the pilot holes - we used a 1/4” drill bit.

5.  Using a socket, attach the brace to the cedar using a ratchet or wrench.  


6.  Stand them upright and you have a sturdy, lightweight and mobile bench for use around a fire pit, garden or any outdoor application.

Note:  the size of the corner braces and lag screws are far more than you will need structurally for this bench.  We liked the aesthetic of the heavy design so we selected the larger braces and screws.