PRESS COVERAGE: Insider Louisville

Louisville Norton Commons' Homearama gets a Green Update

Louisvillians eager for a show-stopping summer home event need look no further than Norton Commons' North Village, one of the two site of this year's highly anticipated Homearama.  From July 16-31, 2016, attendees can explore an eclectic mix of 26 gorgeous custom homes from local builders and designers. 

In addition to modern living spaces with major wow factor, this year's collection boats something else: every Norton Commons home in 2016's Homearama is geothermal.  GeoExchange pumps utilize the constant temperature of the earth as an exchange medium, concentrating naturally occurring heat to provide a clean and renewable energy source...

Norton Commons' Homearama houses are truly unique, and not just for their environmentally friendly elements.  Builders utilize the latest trends and technology in their floorpans, while interior designer, decorators, and landscapers work together to create elegant and inviting livable spaces both indoors and out. 

The exquisite house on lot N231 engages the corner streetscape with its Italianate architecture.  Builder David Ramage, President and Founder of the Ramage Company, describes his favorite features: "There's a bowed balcony overlooking the corner of the lot ... [and] a second balcony at the front of the house offers sweeping views of Emerald Park."  The kitchen, which he calls a "foodie's dream," features "fully integrated and paneled professional-grade appliances, a huge walk-in pantry and marble-slab counters and backsplashes."  A first-floor study with large bay window and direct access to a full bathroom offers the possibility of conversation into an additional bedroom suite, providing greater versatility for occupants.  With an open, accommodating floorpan, Ramage explains that the home allows for "all the amenities of modern design," with interior details that are "luxurious but in a refreshingly approachable way."

Ramage is especially delighted by the way Homearama attracts "design enthusiasts with a penchant for architecture and interior finishes," noting that many "find inspiration in our homes for their own projects."  Also important to Ramage is that "much of the talent we use to design and build has deep Louisville roots."  He continues, "This starts with my team, most of whom live in the Highlands or Germantown, and includes one of largest contributors, Leslie Cotter [of Leslie Cotter Interiors], who did the interior design work."  Ramage also partnered with other local trade service providers for completion of the house; among them Trademark Universal Stone, who was responsible for the home's marble countertops.  Trademark's founder, Henry Berroa, is also a Norton Commons resident.

...As David Ramage notes, "Norton Commons has done a wonderful job blending mixed-use development, attention to architecture and a thriving park system into its walkable master plan.  In this way," says Ramage, "Norton Commons reminds me of Louisville's older neighborhoods, like the Highlands, that have stood the test of time."