The Ramage Company offers a user-friendly, cloud-based production software allowing our clients to track, in real time, their production schedule, interior design selections, progress photos, change orders, credits and much more. Each client gets their own unique log-in credentials which personalizes their experience. Below are some sample images from our production software:

construction schedule

Budget Management



Here are the steps our clients
can expect when considering a new home:

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At this meeting, our goal is to get a general understanding of the project. We discuss items such as lifestyle needs, floor plan program, project timeline and budget parameters.

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Design Development

This step can include one meeting or several as new designs take longer to develop than existing plans. It starts the creative process with rough sketches of floor plans, inspiration ideas from our precedent photos and collaboration sessions.

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Plans & Specification

At this phase, we have construction drawings and we have priced the project. Topics of conversation include pricing, project specifications, amenity allowances and contract execution.

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After the contract is signed we provide a design selection template to ensure ample time for the various selections. This includes design selection deadlines, preferred vendor information, and expectations for site walk-throughs. We also give a quick orientation on our cloud-based production software.

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As the project nears completion, we begin preparing our clients for move-in. This includes a pre-closing walk-through highlighting the features of the home.  We help navigate the closing process and continue monitoring the home’s performance as needed.